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Experience the benefits of Alfaxan Multidose and its 28 day shelf life!

Alfaxan has a wide safety margin and minimal impact on cardiorespiratory parameters in their canine and feline patients for many years.

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Jurox are happy to discuss any anaesthesia and analgesia support you may need. We provide a 24 hour help line, bespoke training and offer multiple support tools to help you with your anaesthesia and analgesia needs.



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Recent Anaesthesia1ST Articles

Paper summary: Apgar score after induction of anesthesia for canine cesarean section with alfaxalone versus propofol

The goals of a successful canine Caesarean section should be the delivery of healthy, viable puppies with high Apgar scores that are keen to suckle and bond with the dam. This study examined the effects of alfaxalone versus propofol induction of the dam on the Apgar scores of delivered puppies.


Caesarean Sections Part 3: Selection of premedication protocols.

In part 3 of our C-section series we explore the implications of premedication for the Caesarean section patient.

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