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Alfaxan® Multidose
Same great Alfaxan with 28 days shelf life after broaching

Alfaxan Multidose is the preserved formulation of alfaxalone combining the reliability you have come to expect from Alfaxan with the versatility that comes with an extended shelf life of 28 days following vial broach.

Benefits of Alfaxan Multidose

Alfaxan Multidose provides the following:

Preserved formulation reduces risk of microbial contamination

Repeatable and reliable anaesthesia from the same vial for up to 28 days

Available in a 10 mL or 20 mL vial

Bioequivalence Alfaxan vs Alfaxan Multidose

Alfaxan Multidose is bioequivalent to Alfaxan meaning you can expect the same effects of unpreserved Alfaxan when using Alfaxan Multidose.

  1. Smooth induction, intubation and transition to maintenance
  2. Predictable and clear-headed recovery
  3. Excellent cardiorespiratory stability  and wide safety margin
  4. Can be used with confidence in all patients (ASA I to V including C-sections)'

Plasma alfaxalone concentration vs time in dogs

treated with Alfaxan or Alfaxan Multidose at 3 mg/kg (n=24 per group).

Plasma alfaxalone concentration vs time in cats

treated with Alfaxan or Alfaxan Multidose  at 5 mg/kg (n=24 per group).

Repeatable. Reliable. Relax.