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Best Practice Anaesthesia

General anaesthesia is never routine. Although the processes of anaesthesia may be consistent, each patient varies according to their own functional anatomy, physiologic status and individual response to medications.

Anaesthesia Assessment

Pre-operative assessment of the patient and equipment is vital to ensure Best Practice outcomes.

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The use of an appropriate pre-medication regime reduces patient stress and improves ease of handling as well as reducing the dosage of induction agent needed...

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Pain Management

Reduction of pain is usually considered as standard practice - the selection of the right pain relief protocol greatly enhances recovery.

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Induction Protocol

Patient induction is about much more than just using a high quality intravenous agent.

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Optimal Recovery

Recovery is often overlooked or rushed. A stress free recovery is safer for the patient and greatly reduces stress..

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Educational Resources

Jurox have a range of resources available plus links to a number of useful papers and articles.

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