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Vets needing more support for anaesthesia

Jurox research reveals that veterinary professionals have questions about their anaesthetic protocols 

Recent research1 into clinic anaesthetic protocols by Jurox (UK) Limited, has revealed that more than 90% of veterinary professionals questioned, most of which were using an anaesthetic other than Alfaxan®, experienced problems with their current anaesthetic protocols, with over 50% admitting that they would appreciate some advice on the subject.

When questioned about the issues that they encountered giving rise to concern, 41% stated apnoea, 25% experienced inadequate induction depth and 18% mentioned stage II excitement.  Other problems identified in the research included bradycardia (9%), pain or sensation on injection (9%), insufficient time to transition fully (8%), inadequate induction time (8%), hypotension (7%) and cyanosis (4%).

Jurox has announced a series of roadshows to occur in November and December 2017 to support vets and veterinary nurses who wish to learn more about anaesthesia in rabbits. On top of this there are a number of online webinars on this atopic as well as general anaesthesia training available on the website.

The Jurox veterinary team have also developed a series of in-clinic training and discussion sessions on many anaesthesia topics which can be tailored to your specific practice needs including: practice protocols relating to pre-meds and analgesia, capnography, dental nerve blocks, anaesthesia before caesarian sections and many more.

Visit the Roadshow page for upcoming Rabbit events.

Or contact us about a Lunch and Learn


  • 426 veterinary professionals surveyed at Jurox ‘Fearless Feline & Confident Canine Anaesthesia’ CPD events held in March, April and May 2016

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