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Alfaxan® and Anaesthesia Resources


Alfaxan Ukrecording

Getting the most out of Alfaxan

A 35 minute presentation covering what Alfaxan is and how to use it to achieve the best anaesthetic experience for you patient.


Rabbits are different

A 13 minute presentation on how rabbits differ in relation to anaesthesia compared to cats and dogs.


Considerations when booking in and admitting rabbits

An 11 minute presentation highlighting that ensuring an optimal outcome for your rabbit patients starts at the time of making the appointment.


Pre-Anaesthetic Planning and Induction

A short presentation outlining how important pre-anaesthetic planning is in rabbits and best practice induction.


Considerations for Supporting Anaesthetised Patients

Maintaining anaesthesia in the rabbit is not as straightforward as often thought. This short presentation goes through the best way to support rabbits during maintenance.


Considerations when Recovering and Discharging Rabbits

Recovery is considered to be one of the most critical stages of anaesthesia -particularly in the rabbit. Find out why and what to do in this short presentation.


Anaesthesia and Clinical Support Helpful downloads and resources for your clinic.

Alfaxan® Resource Guide

Alfaxan Resource Guide

A booklet containing detailed clinical information about Alfaxan® and Best Practice Anaesthesia

Alfaxan User Guide

Alfaxan User Guide

A summary of information you may need from pre-anaesthetic assessment to recovery and how to get the best out of Alfaxan®.

Rabbit Bpa

Best Practice Anaesthesia In Pet Rabbits

Best Practice Anaesthesia In Pet Rabbits

Cons Rabbit Anae 2X

Considerations for Anaesthetising Rabbits

A rabbit anaesthesia round-table meeting featuring a panel leading experts in this field.

Ava Anaesthetic Safety Checklist Implementation Manual

AVA Anaesthetic Safety Checklist Implementation manual

A booklet developed by the AVA that aims to run you through all the safety tests and checks that need to be performed before anaesthesia.

Ava Anaesthetic Safety Checklist

AVA Anaesthetic Safety Checklist

AVA Anaesthetic Safety Checklist that has been laminated so it can be reused


Alfaxan Frequently Asked Questions Chart

The answers to the most common questions we are asked about Alfaxan in dogs, cats and pet rabbits

Alfaxan Dose Chart

Alfaxan® Dose Chart

Guidelines as to the recommended dose of Alfaxan® in cats, dogs and pet rabbits.

Alfaxan Monitoring Chart

Anaesthetic Monitoring Charts

Specially designed pads of monitoring charts on which to record patient data. Available for Aflaxan® customers. Please call our customer services team on 0800 500 3171 to request your copies.

Syringe Labels

Syringe Labels

Sticky labels to enable you to write the patient name and dose on your Alfaxan®, Pre-Med and NSAID syringes. For Alfaxan® customers. Available for Alfaxan customers. Please call our customer services team on 0800 500 3171 to request your copies.

Foil Blankets

Foil Blankets and Other Support Items

For patients that need a little thermal support upon recovery. Available to all Alfaxan® customers. Please call our customer services team on 0800 500 3171 to find out more.

Technical Documents

Summary Of Product Characteristics

Alfaxan® Summary of Product Characteristics

The Alfaxan Data Sheet - a summary of the SPC

Alfaxan® Health And Safety Data Sheet

COSHH Data Sheet

The COSHH data sheet for your records

Pet Owner Support Support for your clients and patients

Owners Guide To Anaesthesia Leaflets

Owners Guide to Anaesthesia Leaflets

Leaflets for cat and dog owners that can be given out pre or post operatively to educate about the anaesthetic process and support care at home. For Alfaxan® customers. Available for all Alfaxan customers. please call our customer services team on 0800 500 3171 to request your copies.

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